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in Holzwickede - Dortmund
Hypercars, luxury vehicles and classic cars

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The F³ FahrzeugForumFiegenschuh is the specialist for buying and selling super sports cars, luxury vehicles and vintage cars. Frank Fiegenschuh and Frank Pupkes accompany you on the way to your dream car. We take care of the entire purchase process. We will find individual solutions for leasing and financing and, if requested, also take care of vehicle transport. We make your automotive dream come true. Maybe we already have it here : If there is an interesting model in our range, give us a call and make an appointment. Discover the fascinating world of sports cars and classic automobiles — in the F³ FahrzeugForumFiegenschuh
Own, drive, enjoy — you don’t have the time and definetly not the mood for selling your sports car or classic automobile yourself? We will do it for you and find the perfect buyer for your exclusive vehicle. Contact us!

Your search request awakes our ambition

You are also welcome to place your search with us so that we can find your dream car for you. A very good network combined with three decades of experience in the automotive sector make most things possible for us. It doesn’t have to be a super sports car or an exclusive classic car necessarily — maybe you are also looking for a particularly rare model that you drove many decades ago which is very, very difficult to get today. We would be happy to search for you.
Your car collection is too large for your garage? You can confidently entrust your automotive treasure to us if you want a perfectly caring all inklusive service. We offer 25 spaces for vehicle storage. Each of the vehicles stored with us is ready to go at any time. The battery is charged and we make sure that a general inspection is done. You have access to your vehicle 24/7. Enjoy your pick up and bring back of your car very discreetly. Be sure that no nasty eyes will be on your car and you.
Our partner Cars & Solutions, a professional service provider in both B2C and B2B, takes care of the professional vehicle preparation:
  • General car wash — cleanliness and high gloss down to the smallest detail
  • Paint condition check & assessment
  • Paint cleaning/paint sanding
  • Anti-hologram preparation
  • Varnish sealing with wax or nano sealing
  • Interior repairs (seats, carpets, fittings)
  • Rim repairs
After preparing, we can evaluate your vehicle. Upon request, your vintage car can be transferred to Classic Data evaluation after the vehicle has been prepared. In close cooperation with our partner, the UHLIG automotive expert office, we determine the condition and market value of your vehicle. In addition to vehicle reports, we also offer 3D body measurements for sports cars and racing vehicles.
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Slide Passion meets Perfection Fair and professional: We advise you independently and offer you comprehensive services relating to exclusive sports cars, luxury vehicles and noble classic cars. More about us Slide Specialists with experience Specialized in special cars for good reason – we combine experience and passion in the best way.
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Slide Security has priority With numerous safety precautions we ensure the highest level of protection; In addition to an alarm system with video recording, this also includes retractable bollards that meet the highest security requirements. More about us

Your contacts:

Frank Fiegenschuh

CEO & general manager

Frank Fiegenschuh

CEO & general manager
Mobil: +49 171 1911500

Frank Pupkes

Head of sales and CFO

Frank Pupkes

Head of sales and CFO
Mobil: +49 173 2819965