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Cars & SolutionsWellness for your car

The professional vehicle preparation from Cars & Solutions not only convinces private customers, but also leading car dealerships.

Service and everything around the car: Vehicle preparation and fleet management are among the core competencies of this medium sized enterprise.

A qualified team with specific knowledge in vehicle preparation cleans your car thoroughly, inside and outside, in the highest quality with high-quality branded products. Your vehicle in a new shine and in a pristine condition with no signs of use — that is the quality standard of Cars & Solutions. This results in a significant increase in the value of your used vehicle. This pays off for you, especially if you want to sell your vehicle.

Juwelier WeberRuhrarea is sparkling

You will find the most beautiful showroom for watches and jewelry in the whole area in Gelsenkirchen-Buer in the Weber world. Exclusive watches and fantastic pieces of jewellery from exquisite manufacturers are ready for you. Your own, internationally recognized goldsmith will make your dreams come true.

SSSZphotoThe only phototrap which is fun

Sebastian Sieberg and Sebastian Zimmermann share several passions: They are petrolheads like us and in addition passionate photographers. Cars — races — travel: your pictures convey drive, energy, dedication and enthusiasm for the sports cars, luxury vehicles and classic cars that set us apart.

Grandprix OriginalsWalking in the footsteps of Steve McQueen

Drive and lifestyle, sports cars and classic cars in a class of their own: Grandprix Originals focuses on high-quality, fashionable clothing on timeless classics that exude the sovereignty of Steve McQueen. The style for women and men, from leather jackets to racing shoes, stands for individuality and freedom.

Uhlig automotive expert officeVehicle surgeons for our dream cars

Experts for sports vehicles, motorsport vehicles and accident damage: Volker Uhlig and his team take care of vehicle evaluations, bodywork and structural damage to mixed-material bodies. That makes him one of the most renowned vehicle surgeons in the couintry and one of the few people we give the permission to look very close on our cars.

Automobilart Steffen ImhofUnique.looks.for.enthusiast

The fascination and variety of shapes — that’s what Steffen Imhof has been focusing on the subject of cars for 30 years. With a great sense of dynamism, proportion and color, he shows his passion, the art of the automobile, in a unique, loving way. We are talking about large-format pictures full of power, tension and speed, with which the real racing feeling makes its way into the office or private walls in a very stylish way. An international, discerning customer base has long appreciated a “real” Imhof. Numerous commissioned works for well-known clients such as PORSCHE Motorsport, MAHLE, Pirelli, Alfa Romeo, NGK, Yokohama, Museum Autobau, etc. show this impressively.